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2023-09-24 There shouldn't be any names in S₀

2023-09-23 Reflections on the final Strange Loop

2023-09-23 Stack values can be quotations

2023-09-17 Stack values cannot be quotations

2023-09-15 Stacks should be first-class

2023-08-04 [Reading log] “Ad-hoc polymorphic delimited continuations”, “Error Localization for Sequential Effect Systems (Extended Version)”, and “Dependent Merges and First-Class Environments”

2023-08-04 Concurrency and property-based testing

2023-08-01 Backpressure, Ted Kaminski

2023-07-20 [Reading log] “Stream types”

2023-07-19 [Reading log] “Soundly Handling Linearity” and “Generic Programming with Extensible Data Types”

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Using a Sony RX100 Mk IV as a webcam on Linux


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