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2024-05-28 [Reading log] “Compiling with continuations, continued”

2024-05-20 [Reading log] “The Relational Machine Calculus”

2024-05-17 [Reading log] “Everybody’s Got To Be Somewhere”

2024-05-01 Background processes in redo

2024-04-26 [Reading log] “Validating Traces of Distributed Programs Against TLA+ Specifications” and “QuickerCheck: Implementing and Evaluating a Parallel Run-Time for QuickCheck”

2024-04-03 Swanson: Slip and slurp

2024-03-23 [Reading log] “A Proof of the Standardization Theorem in λ-Calculus” and “Normalization by Evaluation for Typed Weak λ-Reduction”

2024-02-13 Let futures be futures

2024-02-12 [Reading log] Oberon: The overlooked jewel

2024-02-09 Swanson: Bethel stacks

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A better varint

A map of the tree-sitter ecosystem

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Git commits and code review (revisited)

Reflections on the final Strange Loop

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Transcript of Wirth's “Closing word at Zürich Colloquium”

Using a Sony RX100 Mk IV as a webcam on Linux


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