Reading log

I seem to be adding links here much faster than I can read them, but this at least lets me keep track of what I _hope_ to read.

2023-08-04 “Ad-hoc polymorphic delimited continuations”, “Error Localization for Sequential Effect Systems (Extended Version)”, and “Dependent Merges and First-Class Environments”

2023-07-20 “Stream types”

2023-07-19 “Soundly Handling Linearity” and “Generic Programming with Extensible Data Types”

2023-07-18 “Zip-zip trees” and “A Type-Directed, Dictionary-Passing Translation of Method Overloading and Structural Subtyping in Featherweight Generic Go”

2023-07-14 “Ill-typed programs don't evaluate”

2023-06-13 “Separating sessions smoothly” and “The design principles of the Elixir type system”

2023-04-26 “Do be do be do”

2023-04-24 “Interval Parsing Grammars for file format parsing”

2023-04-20 “A calculus for scoped effects and handlers” and “Structural subtyping as parametric polymorphism”

2023-04-14 “A logical account of subtyping for session types”

2023-04-12 “Secure information flow via linear continuations”

2023-03-23 “Practical compilation of fexprs using partial evaluation” and “Fexprs as the basis of Lisp function application”

2023-01-27 “Type inference in systems of recursive types with subtyping”

2023-01-13 “Recursive subtyping for all” and “Making a Type Difference”

2023-01-11 “The emperor’s old clothes”

2022-12-20 “The Functional Machine Calculus”

2022-12-16 “Execution vs parse-based language servers”

2022-12-05 Style over substance and “Trie-Compressed Intersectable Sets”