Conference talks

Here are some talks that I’ve given at conferences in the past, in roughly reverse chronological order:

Concatenative programming and stack-based languages

Strange Loop, September 2023

A whirlwind tour of my favorite programming languages, and three others

Craft Conference, June 2022

Incremental, zero-config Code Navigation using stack graphs

Strange Loop, October 2021

UCSC LSD Seminar, May 2022

Precise, cross-project code navigation at GitHub scale

FOSDEM, February 2020

The Pastry peer-to-peer overlay network

Papers We Love Boston-Cambridge, July 2018

Real-time packet analysis at scale

Monitorama PDX, May 2017

An oversimplified history of CSP

Papers We Love Boston-Cambridge, October 2016

“The early history of Smalltalk”

Papers We Love Boston-Cambridge, May 2016

An introduction to Apache Avro

Mil-OSS Working Group 3, August 2011