What I'm doing now

2024-05-31, Newry, ME

What is a “now page”? [nownownow.com]


I am still at GitHub, but recently shifted back to the IC track from the manager track. I am now a Staff Engineer on the Blackbird team, which is responsible for code search across the entire corpus on content on GitHub. Since everything is AI these days 🙄, we're focusing a lot on how to incorporate code search results into Copilot.

Walland Heavy Research

On the side (and taking advantage of GitHub's generous moonlighting policy), I am looking to spin up more consulting work. Still trying to find the right way to describe my differentiators. If you're looking for an expert to help out at the intersection of academia, industry, and open source, drop me a line!

Walland Heavy Research


Still hacking away on my programming language. These days it's focused on the concatenative / stack-based paradigm, and is more of a framework for implementing other languages. Most recently I've been noodling on how to add types — but not the kinds of types that would appear in the higher level languages being compiled down to Swanson, but instead something more like a session type describing the protocol of how you can / are interacting the objects on the runtime stack. Statically enforced duck typing, maybe?



A wrote a quick position post a couple of months ago about using CSP in property tests for a distributed system. Since then I've been hacking away on a proof of concept of doing that in Go using the slog structured logging library.

CSP would be a good language for property tests

Property-based testing in Go [walland.dev]

CSP in Go [walland.dev]