Reading log


Lots of grist for the mill today.

Added [Yang2023], which looks to use some minor Scala magic to implement programming language features via delimited continuations.

[Yang2023] Ad-hoc polymorphic delimited continuations

Added [Gordon2023], which tries to produce better error messages in the presence of an effect system, where the true “source” of an error might be far removed from the code that caused the compiler to discover the error.

[Gordon2023] Error Localization for Sequential Effect Systems (Extended Version)

Lastly, based on a recommendation from Graydon Hoare, added [Tan2023]. Bruno and I overlapped at Oxford and I always love seeing what he's up to. This paper looks like it'll go deep on first-class environments. That would have been especially interesting for Swanson, up until the point where I switched it over to be a concatenative stack-based language! But it still might be useful when thinking about other non-concatenative languages that would get lowered/compiled down into S₀.

[Tan2023] Dependent Merges and First-Class Environments

Forsythe toot [Graydon Hoare]