Simon Fowler, Wen Kokke, Ornela Dardha, Sam Lindley, J. Garrett Morris. “Separating Sessions Smoothly”.

Accepted to LMCS, extended journal version of CONCUR'21 paper

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This paper introduces Hypersequent GV (HGV), a modular and extensible core calculus for functional programming with session types that enjoys deadlock freedom, confluence, and strong normalisation. HGV exploits hyper-environments, which are collections of type environments, to ensure that structural congruence is type preserving. As a consequence we obtain an operational correspondence between HGV and HCP -- a process calculus based on hypersequents and in a propositions-as-types correspondence with classical linear logic (CLL). Our translations from HGV to HCP and vice-versa both preserve and reflect reduction. HGV scales smoothly to support Girard's Mix rule, a crucial ingredient for channel forwarding and exceptions.