Stack graphs

Stack graphs is the formalism that we've put together at GitHub to power Precise Code Navigation. It's based on the scope graphs framework from Eelco Visser's group at TU Delft.

Scope graphs


We have published one paper about stack graphs so far.

[Creager2023] Stack graphs: Name resolution at scale

Kutsia2007 describes sequence unification, which is the unification strategy we use in the stack graph partial path stitching algorithm. §6.3, in particular, shows that sequence unification is unitary if “sequence variables occur only int he last argument positions in terms”.

[Kutsia2007] Solving equations with sequence variables and sequence functions


2022-09-19: Kleffner's talk on stack language typing

2022-08-30: Python stack graphs

2022-08-29: A concatenative language for stack graphs

2022-07-31: Should stack graphs just be Forth programs?