Robert Krook, Nicholas Smallbone, Bo Joel Svensson, and Koen Claessen. 2023. QuickerCheck: Implementing and Evaluating a Parallel Run-Time for QuickCheck. In The 35th Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL 2023), August 29–31, 2023, Braga, Portugal. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 12 pages.

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This paper introduces a new parallel run-time for QuickCheck, a Haskell library and EDSL for specifying and randomly testing properties of programs. The new run-time can run multiple tests for a single property in parallel, using the available cores. Moreover, if a counterexample is found, the run-time can also shrink the test case in parallel, implementing a parallel search for a locally minimal counterexample.

Our experimental results show a 3–9× speed-up for testing QuickCheck properties on a variety of heavy-weight benchmark problems. We also evaluate two different shrinking strategies; deterministic shrinking, which guarantees to produce the same minimal test case as standard sequential shrinking, and greedy shrinking, which does not have this guarantee but still produces a locally minimal test case, and is faster in practice.

Property-based testing